Sofanauts releases Jeff Lane’s “Message across the Universe” sci-fi short story, designed by Unbound Stories


A message across the Universe, by Jeff Lane. Cover illustration by Scott PellicoSofanauts, a subscription service from the Hugo award winning science fiction podcast StarShipSofa, has released the next title in a series of eBooks designed in collaboration with Unbound Stories.

The eBooks, available in Epub, Mobi (Kindle) and PDF versions, are just part of the premium content available in the members area of the Sofanauts website. Since launching in early 2014 with a monthly subscription fee of £6 (around $10 US), this has also included lectures by science fiction legends like Harry Turtledove, interviews with authors such as Gareth L. Powell, Larry Niven, Gregory Benford and Jerry Pournelle and three previously published science fiction short story anthologies by StarShipSofa.

The 2013 story A Message across the Universe, by Jeff Lane, is a tale of a space explorer looking for the source and the meaning of an alien message. It features a specially commissioned cover by artist Scott Pellico.