Reflowable eBooks

What are reflowable eBooks?

eReader devices come in a variety of screen sizes and many apply their own default values to font sizes and margins, which affect the overall look of an eBook. When you consider that many people are reading books on their smartphones as well as (or even instead of) on dedicated devices or on tablets, it becomes clear why reflowable eBooks are the most common digital publishing format.

In a reflowable eBook, the content (text, images, etc.) is laid out to optimally adapt to the screen size of the device being used. Readers are also then able to adjust settings such as the font size, to improve their reading experience.

Reflowable text

Most fiction books (with the exception of specialist children’s books) and many non-fiction books benefit from using this publication format when converted to digital form. Even books with multiple illustrations (both full page and inline) can often be successfully accommodated.

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