Sofanauts releases Jeff Lane’s “Message across the Universe” sci-fi short story, designed by Unbound Stories


Jeff Lane’s “A message across the Universe”, another in a series of eBooks designed by Unbound Stories, has been launched by sci-fi premium website, Sofanauts

Sofanauts launches sci-fi eBooks designed by Unbound Stories

Title page for FarmEarth, by Paul DiFilippo

The first in a series of eBooks designed by Unbound Stories, has been launched by sci-fi premium website, Sofanauts

Step by Step Guide to Evaluating Your eBook Files on multiple devices


An absolutely awesome, must-read, truly comprehensive guide by Jeff Bach, describing the process for checking what your eBook files look like on multiple devices and giving some valuable hints to avoiding common pitfalls.

Tech eBook news: ePub3 white paper published


The EPUB3 Implementation Project White Paper is now available online, covering:

• An examination of the current state of the EPUB3 standard and its features among publishers and reading systems
• The top 10 priority features for implementation of EPUB3 by reading systems developers and publishers. The identification of these key items by the diverse group was defined as a critical goal of the project
• The 13 top best practice tips for publishers in the creation of accessible EPUB3 publications

Helping ePub become the new PDF


Liz Castro on the importance to eBooks of Apple’s recent release of iBooks for Mac in its new Mavericks operating system. It means ePub files open by default on people’s Macs, rather than requiring an app or extension download. Of course, this still doesn’t help non-technologically-oriented Windows users, but it’s a start.

The upside for indie authors is that, at least for their Mac-wielding audience, they can also sell eBooks direct in ePub format rather than going through a store and not have to provide detailed instructions on how to view the files.

eBook formats explained


Video: The difference between PDF, ePub and MOBI formats for your eBooks

eBook formatting: why is it different from print?


The art of the possible. What are the limitations of eBook formatting as opposed to what you can achieve in print? Unruly Guides has the answer.

New guidelines for creating fixed-layout eBooks


Tech corner: The Book Industry Study Group (BISG) has released an updated version of its free Field Guide to Fixed Layout for E-Books – essential reading fo anyone trying to create fixed-layout eBooks , and providing the industry best practices plus an overview of issues to consider with the use of fixed layout.

Their mission statement states that BISG exists “to facilitate innovation and shared solutions for the benefit of all companies and practitioners that create, produce and distribute published content, and the organisations that support them.”

eBooks can be better than regular books


To truly make eBooks superior to their print counterparts, authors need better collaboration tools to be developed, making them more like living documents, rather than set in stone, says Dan Gillmor of Slate magazine.

Tech news: ePubCheck tool updated with several enhancements


Michael Kozlowski of Goodereader reports that the ePubCheck tool has been updated with several enhancements, including tests for content accessibility markup, CSS issues that might affect presentation quality, and tests for specific script usage patterns that require security consideration that will help publishers and indie authors create exceptional, accessible, EPUB 3 content.