Book Samples

Sample chapters

Giving out free samples of your work can be a really effective marketing strategy for potential customers who would like to “try before they buy”.

We can, as part of the eBook creation process, generate a separate file with excerpts from your work (e.g. sample chapters). We will ensure the same styles used in the original eBook are applied to the sample file.

Alternatively, if you already have an eBook file and want to create a sample file from it, you can send it to us and we’ll do the rest.

You might typically want to include the cover and contents page, an author bio, as well as a final page with links to retailers (or even your own website) where customers can purchase the complete eBook.


Another valuable book marketing technique, especially for fiction titles, is to serialize your work. Releasing manageable portions at low cost or for free on a regular schedule helps to drum up interest and builds up reader anticipation.

As with book samples, we can generate your serial issues as part of the eBook creation process, or we can work from an already existing eBook file. Additionally, we can enhance the experience by including a “story so far” section at the beginning of each issue (based on your copy) and, for those who can’t wait, include a link to buy the full length eBook.